• A startup in Seattle that wanted to establish a digital presence and develop an audience of targeted customers.



  • This client was a startup and had very little information about their target audience.

  • They did not have a website and needed guidance to launch their digital presence.





  • Developed a brand messaging strategy.

  • Built four unique landing pages, using different messaging and creative.

  • Built a complete Facebook ads funnel to test out 16 different audiences.

  • Used retargeting with intriguing offers in the middle of the funnel.

  • Used re-engagement campaigns to increase the lifetime value of their customers.

  • Emailed exclusive offers for those who had shown interest but not yet completed a purchase.




  • Developed a foundational digital presence and used comprehensive testing to identify the most valuable target audience and messaging.

  • Optimized their ad approach to maximize the return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • By the end of the third month, we achieved an average of 2x ROAS.

  • At the end of their sixth month, we achieved an average of 5.28x ROAS.



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